That seems to be the mantra of speakers, leaders and authors today.

Already overwhelmed with client service, marketing, promotion, writing books, business operations – not to mention family life—there is no room to carve out time to develop a strategic and consistent booking campaign. And the number of speaker booking “agents” has become nearly non-existent. Furthermore, designating this to a full time stateside employee can be very costly if you are hiring in to do this work.

But now there is a simple and inexpensive solution!

Book For You Virtual Assistants

A Team Dedicated to Getting You Booked

Book For You Virtual Assistants are not generalists—they are committed to the task of booking your live and virtual speaking opportunities at meetings, venues, associations, or events; on radio, podcasts and videocasts; and on virtual summits.

However, they are not “agents” with industry contacts, merely top notch hard-working administrators who know how to work in a vast variety of market sectors or special interest groups, and develop a consistent outreach on your behalf. Yes, sometimes getting the gig will require you to step in and close the booker, but your Book For You Virtual Assistants will have identified the opportunity, submitted your materials, and done the follow up to its logical conclusion. You’re the strategist, but they are your implementers.

Based in the Philippines, and managed by Executive Director Analisa Orquin, Book For You Virtual Assistants, has hand-selected team members with strong English speaking and writing skills, call-center experience, knowledge of the North American market, business climate and culture, and personable presentation.

What You Receive:

  • An experienced supervisor
  • A dedicated team member
  • A strategy session once a month
  • Maintenance of your confidential marketing materials
  • A weekly status report on ongoing efforts
  • A booking sheet with all the specifics for each individual booking -- emailed to you

Pricing Options

One-time Set-Up Fee of $350 includes initial strategy session, discussion or development of appropriate materials, and meeting/event targeting selection.

Select from among these pricing options:

Level 1

20 hours per month (5 hours/week)


Level 2

40 hours per month (10 hours/week)


Level 3

80 hours per month (20 hours/week)


Book For You Virtual Assistants works closely with SpeakerTunity®, The Speaker & Leader Resource Company which creates curated lists for speaking opportunities, podcasts and summits. Client may also need to invest in specific lists from SpeakerTunity® to maximize and reduce team member’s research time.  You can review the costs here

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